Yard Sale Organization

The Yard Sale "Refrigerator Reminder" Checklist

Here's a great checklist to print and post to your refrigerator a couple weeks prior to your sale. This will help you get organized and also prioritize the tasks you need to accomplish in order to ensure you've done everything necessary up to the start of your sale. Good luck!


Staying Organized; Before, During & After your Yard Sale

Preparing for a Yard Sale or Moving Sale can be overwhelming if you're a first timer and want to run a smooth and profitable sale. The Yard Sale Item Organizer is designed to simplify things if you want to stay organized from start to finish and also acts as a good way to measure your success by keeping track of items you've sold. This organizer also works well if you decide not to put a price tag on your items, but want to keep a record on paper of what you sold the item for or what your lowest acceptable offer might be.


Flea Market Shopping Checklist

Ready for a Flea Market shopping adventure? Be sure to consult this quick checklist so you don't forget what to take with you or what vendors you want to visit. Following this checklist will ensure a good time at the Flea Market for you and your friends!



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